Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Swagbucks: Have a Holly Jolly Free Christmas

Swag Bucks- This is a wesbite where you can use a search toolbar and earn "Swag Bucks." It is great because through searching, playing games, watching videos and plenty of other earning opportunities you can use the swagbucks to buy all different gift cards. Also before you print coupons from coupons.com, go to Swag Bucks and earn 10 points for every coupon redeemed after printing from Swagbucks coupon link on the side of their homepage.

The top 5 ways to earn Swagbucks = 21 sb/day + more with coupon usage :
1) Go to NOSO daily, skip all offers. When you get to the end you will earn 2 sb!
2) Take the daily poll and earn 1 sb!
3) Download the swagbuck toolbar and search box, you will earn sb just for downloading and also everyday that it's used you will earn 1 sb. Also when you search daily you can win up to 3 times a day usually morning, afternoon and night and usually always win at least 7 sb! I usually win at least twice a day just by typing in "facebook" instead of inputting it into the url box.
4) Watch videos, well you don't even really have to watch them. When you download the toolbar it provides a "watch SBTV" tab up top. Click on it, select a video and the minimize. Just remember to check it every couple minutes and select a new video. Once you reach 100% you will earn 3 sb!
5) COUPONS! Instead of going to coupons.com, use the same site but on swagbucks page. It is the same provider but you get 10 sb per redeemed coupon (only when printed from swagbucks site and not coupons.com).

Additional ways of earning:
6) Games. Certain games will award you 2 sb after playing.
7) Check the daily deals and special offers. If you were thinking of checking car insurance quotes, opening a new credit card or getting a credit report, go here first. Many offer over 500 sb, which is enough for a $5 Amazon Gift Card! 
8) SuperRewards on the Special offers tab offers daily deals. Make sure to check these.
9) Some people have luck with trusted surveys, which you can earn a ton doing!
10) refer friends, when they win searches you do too!
*I know avid swagbuckers that cash in $100/month for Amazon gift cards. The best way to cash in on swagbucks is to first get five $5 AGC's, then the $25 AGC, lastly the $50 AGC.

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