Coupon Assistance

Check out this great Shopping Calculator  in spreadsheet form created by The "Q"-Tipping Mom! 

Sunday Coupon Preview: Find what will be in your Sunday papers here. Remember, all regions aren't the same. Some actually might not get all the inserts!

Online Shopping

Online Shopping: Earn Cash Back

Ebates- A site to go to before shopping online. Refer friends and get cash in your account! Check if they are offering cash back for the location you want to shop. I get checks mailed to me when I reach $15, it depends how much you use it though.

- Great and easy site. Sign up, search where you plan on buying online from and see if you can earn cash back for your purchases. 90% of the time you can. Love it!

- Earn points for every dollar spent at stores available on their site like Gap and Lancome,  which can be cashed in for awesome rewards.


    E-Coupons are coupons that are loaded to your store card. It is not automatic, therefore you need to do it beforehand. Some sites are savings towards college and some are towards a check which you will receive when you reach x amount of dollars. These can be combined with manufacturer coupons.

     Offers E-coupons as well, but for future savings. It continuously adds up from the coupons you select, then once you reach $5 you can select a payout of your choice such as Paypal, Amazon and more!  

    College or retirement savings. Upromise has partnered up with Price Chopper, Rite Aid, CVS, Wegmans, and Tops- those are just the stores near me! You can also save at restaurants, gas pumps, travel and lots of other places.
    All you do is go through and select what ecoupons you would like to use, then they automatically are updated to your shopper/store rewards card. The best thing is you can still use regular coupons to get great deals and then earn a little extra for college or other savings plans.

Watch Videos from Rite Aid and get Rewarded with coupons that can be combined with manufacturer coupons.