Secrets For Saving

With all the ink we use printing coupons, ink totally adds up! I know I pay about $15 per cartridge. Okay well I did, but that is no longer!!
Through a daily deal site I discovered an awesome site which allows me to purchase all 5 of my cartridges for $18 shipped! I can't believe it.
At you can input your printer type and have various options, either buy single cartridges or packs. Shipping is $4.95 for as many as you need (as long as it is ink and not toner). Toner is actually super cheap as well with cheap shipping!
Did you know it costs about $.08 per coupon to print? That really adds up and into the total cost of what you're saving! Stop throwing money down the drain and definitely start using recycled cartridges from
*This is not affiliated or endorsed by These are my own opinions and views, for the sole purpose of saving others money.
My Secret to Saving Paper & Ink Even More!
Well re-using paper isn't exactly a secret but the methods I use to conserve paper really go a long way. Here are a few things I do to save on paper. Eventually I will do a video for an easy visual.
  1) PRINT PREVIEW-One thing I usually do is change my printing preferences to print preview. This allows me to see if the coupon is single or if an ad will take up the bottom page.
      a) "STOP"- If the coupon is accompanied with an ad at the lower half, I hit stop after the coupon is printed. This cancels the job and spits out the paper. Yay I just saved on ink!
      b)  REUSE- If their is only one or two coupons, I will use paper that already had a single coupon printed on it. I flip the paper if the coupon is still on it or I just cut the paper and put it back in the paper feed.
2) RECYCLE- Reuse junk mail. Okay I know your thinking that is ridiculous. Really though I get so much junk mail, flyers from local businesses and much more that it seems wasteful to throw it out, even if I am recycling. Therefore if there is a blank backside and the paper is not crinkled I put that in the paper feed.
     a) Just make sure you don't use bills. If you choose to immediately cut out all and any personal information! Rip that part up too so noone can see it in the trash.
3) STOCKPILE- Stock up on great paper deals with Staples and OfficeMax.  Before school almost every other week Staples offered a full priced rebate on their paper via check or paypal. Don't pass these deals up just because it requires additional work. I have never had a problem and their easy rebate is just that, super easy. It can be done online or mailed and really doesn't take more than a minute!
4) INK COLOR- Change your printing preferences to grayscale printing. Using color not only slows the speed but obviously costs a fortune in ink! There is no reason to need color on a coupon. As long as the words, numbers and barcode shows up that is good enough.
5) SPEED- Lastly, change your printing preferences to quick/fast printing. The faster it is the less ink will be used.  It may not have the best quality, but it's a coupon and it really doesn't matter.
*Just remember that if you are going to print photos or important documents with color to turn off grayscale printing and change the speed back to normal quality. Also make sure full sized paper is back in the tray if you are printing reports. Otherwise this results in wasted paper and ink!
   Easy reminder: keep a post-it on the computer stating, "Change speed, ink color and paper." Then once you go to print your next job you will be reminded. Also, you can change preferences after you hit print if you are in print preview. So be sure to change preferences before you hit print.
*These are my opinions based on a Canon printer. No companies mentioned endorsed my opinions nor are an affiliate. This is just written to save others money.