Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just some websites you should have!


Here are Some websites you should absolutely subscribe to-just click on the names in Bold

1) My Facebook Page! This is good to have because sometimes deals fly so fast and you want to know them as soon as they are published.

2) SwagBucks- This is a wesbite where you can use a search toolbar and earn "Swag Bucks." It is great because through searching, playing games, watching videos and plenty of other earning opportunities you can use the swagbucks to buy all different gift cards.

3) Living Social- they post daily deals in your area. They also have some in other areas and if it pertains to something us east coasters can use and is really worth it- I will post it on this site! Also you can earn $5 for referring friends once they make a purchase.

4) Shopathome- Great and easy site. Sign up, search where you plan on buying online from and see if you can earn cash back for your purchases. 90% of the time you can. Love it!

5) Shop it to Me- A site where you may or may not want to purchase anything- but you can definitely earn gift cards just buy making referrals- and they don't have to buy a thing! I have already earned Amazon gift cards

6) Groupon- This is a great site where they offer a huge discount on something in the area every day. Sometimes the other states have great deals that we can use as well- if that happens I will post it on the main page.

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